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We Handle All Aspects Of Underpinning, Excavation Or Roof Protection Licenses

The success of a New York or New Jersey construction project always depends on avoiding delays and lawsuits. Unfortunately, delays can often occur, especially on New York City construction projects, where the buildings are so close together and sometimes very old, when the owner or developer is required by the building code to obtain the written consent of an adjacent property owner to underpin its footing or place roof protection on its building.

At the Law Offices of Michael P. Berkley, P.C., we have worked with clients on comprehensive construction law issues since 1990. We have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting underpinning license agreements and roof protection license agreements. We are not afraid to go to court to compel an adjacent property owner to consent or to sue them for damaging your building.

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Responsibility And Liability In Underpinning Matters

  • Many owners don’t realize that if underpinning is done without the written consent from an adjacent property owner, the owner can be sued for damages and trespass and the building department can even issue a stop work order.
    • If the owner waits too long to start the process of getting the adjacent owner’s consent, the owner and contractor can be setting themselves up for a shakedown from a shrewd adjacent property owner, who will ask for a huge fee to consent.
  • Also, many owners and contractors are unaware that if an adjacent property owner refuses to give their written consent to allow the underpinning or placement of roof protection on their building, that an application can be made to the Court to grant the owner and contractor permission to do so, avoiding the need to obtain the adjacent property owners written consent.
  • Finally, sometimes during the underpinning or roof protection process, damages may be caused to your building.
    • In this case, Mr. Berkley can assist you in stopping a contractor in mid stream who has not properly protected and shored up your building before beginning excavation, or help you make a claim against the contractor and the owner’s insurance carriers to obtain insurance proceeds to repair or even replace your building if it is damaged.

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