Putting My 30 Years Of Construction Law Experience To Work For Your Case

Putting My 30 Years Of Construction Law Experience To Work For Your Case

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Change Orders Are Essential When Projects Are Revised

Throughout the life of a construction project, any number of variables enter the equation resulting in a need to revise the plans.

When an owner changes his or her mind or the scope of work is altered, it’s critical that parties fill out and sign a change order that reflects the changes to protect all parties involved. When disputes arise, it’s this documentation that will be referred to first and foremost by the court or arbitrator to assess the situation and grant any adjustments in the contract amount and time for completion.

Your Best Interest As A Contractor

All too often owners and contractors won’t get change orders signed or they won’t utilize the proper AIA forms. Failure to properly understand and document these change orders can cost a contractor significant financial losses and losses in time, materials and labor and even more if the matter is pursued in court without correct documentation.

It goes without saying that when the stakes are this high, it’s critical to seek out a dedicated lawyer who has a comprehensive knowledge of change orders and construction documentation and helps you arrive at an outcome that minimizes risk and cost.

Change Order Attorneys Since 1990

Because we’ve been working on complex change order disputes and have assisted clients in documenting change orders and claims since 1990 we at the New York and New Jersey Law Offices of Michael P. Berkley, P.C., are ready to address any issue related to disputed change orders on behalf of either contractors or owners. We have a comprehensive knowledge of AIA forms and protocol and are able to methodically examine your case and do everything necessary to help draft a change order or protect your rights in any dispute.

To discuss any aspect of your change order issue with our Manhattan change order attorney in a free initial consultation call 888-512-5875 or e-mail us.