Putting My 30 Years Of Construction Law Experience To Work For Your Case

Putting My 30 Years Of Construction Law Experience To Work For Your Case

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Resolve Your Construction Dispute And Delays

When disputes or delays occur during a construction project, the parties involved have a great deal to lose. At the Law Offices of Michael P. Berkley, P.C., since 1990 we have been guiding contractors, property owners, subcontractors, developers and other individuals through the construction law process to resolve their disputes promptly and cost-effectively.

We will help you understand your rights and obligations under your contract and aggressively protect your interests in negotiation and litigation. We will give you an honest, realistic assessment of your situation, explain potential outcomes and work closely with you to find a successful outcome.

When you need an experienced construction law lawyer in any of the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island or New Jersey, call 888-512-5875 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

Protect Your Rights In Construction Disputes

Construction contracts are immensely important – your contract will specify your rights and obligations, and should divide financial risk fairly among the all parties. If you are involved in a construction dispute or your project has been delayed, we will protect your rights, help you fulfill your obligations or ensure that other parties fulfill theirs. Since 1990, we have handled many types of construction disputes, including:

  • Owner’s failure to pay for work or lack of funds to continue work: We work with contractors to find legal relief where an owner has failed to pay. From extending the substantial completion date (SCD), pursuing a claim for increased costs (including the cost of mobilization and demobilization) seeking change orders and enforcing liens, we can assist you in getting the amounts you are owed.
  • Unforeseen site conditions: Many issues can arise during the course a project, such as disputes with neighbors during foundation work, hitting water or having insufficient personnel on the job, can cause significant and costly delays. We will advise you about the legal action you can take to protect your rights if you encounter a situation not anticipated in the contract.
  • Stop work orders issued by the building department: Stop work orders can be issued for a variety of reasons, from safety issues on the job site to failing to protect adjacent property and failing to have proper controlled inspections to working without proper permits. We are experienced in handling these types of delays and will work with the Building Department to resolve the matter as promptly as possible. Helping you move forward with project completion is our goal.
  • Breach of contract by any party: When a party fails to perform their contractual obligations, we will help you seek enforcement of the contract or compensation for damages. Whether the dispute is over payment, the quality or scope or work performed, failure to correct defective work, liens filed by subcontractors or suppliers, or wrongful termination of the contract, rely on us for assertive and experienced representation.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

For over three decades, Manhattan attorney Michael Berkley has worked closely with clients who face disputes and delays to find effective and timely resolution to their matter. He will take the time to advise you or your rights and obligations under the contract. An effective negotiator, attorney Berkley will explore all methods of dispute resolution to avert costly and time-consuming litigation. Should negotiation prove unsuccessful, however, he is ready to protect your best interests in court.

Where appropriate, we will seek immediate injunctive relief from the court until your dispute is resolved. In addition to providing legal counsel, we have access to an extensive network of construction professionals, including expediters, engineers and architects, we will work together to help get your project back on track.

We Are Ready To Resolve Your Dispute

Call 888-512-5875 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced construction lawyer. Our phone is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For your convenience, evening and weekend appointments, as well as construction site visits, are available.