Queens Ground Lease Attorney

In today's construction and real estate markets, commercial ground leasing is becoming increasingly popular for owners, contractors, developers and investors. A commercial ground lease allows an owner to lease his or her property on a triple net basis for an extended period of time, sometimes between 49 years and 99 years. The commercial ground lease usually involves a significant monetary commitment by the tenant to improve or construct a new building on the owner's property. The commercial ground lease gives the owner a long term income stream and also allows the avoidance some of the immediate heavy income\capital gains taxes that would normally be paid if the owner had sold the property. (Transfer taxes will still need to be paid in certain circumstances). From the investor's and developer's points of view, the commercial ground lease allows the investor or developer to gain the long term control and use of the property, without the need to lay out the cash for the purchase of the property, essentially saving the developer millions of dollars in capital, which it can now use for the construction of a new building on the property. Also, after the ground lease has been signed, both parties can still re-finance their respective interests in the land and the ground lease. A solid ground lease that accurately reflects your interests and effectively addresses each parties' financing needs, is critical to the successful ground lease project.

At the Law Offices of Michael P. Berkley, P.C., we have more than 25 years of experience negotiating, drafting, reviewing and interpreting triple net commercial ground leases to mitigate our clients' financial risks and help them plan for the future. Attorney Michael Berkley will work with you closely to craft cost-effective and efficient solutions for your ground lease law matter.

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